Final Post?

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5 years…and then one day I just stopped blogging!

Thanks to all!



Life or Virtual?

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I bought a pair of Brown pants and wore them this morning with black shoes and a black shirt. I thought to myself “I like this look!”. I got to thinking about the last time I had brown pants. I liked the look then too. I questioned myself as to why I never kept those pants. Then I realized that the brown pants were not mine but rather only on the character I made in Tiger Woods Golf on the XBOX! WOW!!! The lines between real life and virtual reality are really starting to blur!

Punishment later?

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Remember when you were a kid and you did something wrong? Did your mother say “wait till your father get’s home!”? It didn’t take too long to figure out that by the time your father got home, he was too tired to get all worked up about some little issue. Also, your mom has lost some of her “steam” by then as well. So, often, the issue went basically unpunished. On the other side of this coin, is when your father was already home! The punishment and often the beating, came swiftly! Those are the ones you remember. Those are the times that helped shape you and keep you in line.

When the punishment is postponed until later, everyone calms down, no one ever learns anything and the action needing punishing happens again and again until the time when the punishment is immediate! This is evident even with dogs. When a dog does something wrong, gets caught and is reprimanded right on the spot, the lesson is more likely to be learned and the action not repeated. When a dog does something and there is no immediate consequence, he learns its ok and develops a habit. Then when the dogs does get punished at a later time, the dogs is confused. “Why you punishing me now? No one punished me when I did it so I thought it was allowed!”

Everyone needs “immediate” feedback on things to really know if its right or wrong or good or bad. If you cook a meal for someone and they eat the whole thing and don’t say a word, you may make the meal for them over and over. When they tell you that they don’t like it, you stop. Why not give feedback immediately so there is no confusion. Its so simple!

This is where religion gets it wrong. God is supposed to punish those who sin… Later! Huh? If you wait until later, people will think they got away with it and that the issue will be long forgotten by the time “Daddy” gets home. Punish them now! Duh! Then they won’t do it anymore! Someone rapes someone, God should send down a team of angels with BIG anal probes to dish out the @$$ reaming of a lifetime. Problem solved! That rapist will never rape again. EVER! I promise that!

8 Years of Squirrels!

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8 years ago I battled a squirrel in my house. He jumped on my back when I went into my closet one morning. He scared the crap outta me! It took my a half hour to catch it and get it out of my room. I dubbed him “Super Squirrel”. He must have been getting his groove on in my attic because ever since then, I have been dealing with, what I assume to be, his offspring. They chew through my house repairs and continue to make their home in my attic. They have a place to eat, a place to sleep, a place to defecate and a place to bury their dead. Through the years we have found them all! We have had the house repaired numerous times but they simply chew through it.

We have had enough and are now aggressively trapping them. We bought some traps at Tractor Supply and are baiting them with peanut butter. We have trapped some in the past but we always slowed down when the traps started to be set off with no capture. We now have better traps and a stronger resolve to rid our home of the pests.

Some people will say that the squirrels were there first. I say hogwash! My house is 30 years old and not a single one of these squirrels is even 1/15th that age! This is MY HOME! They are invading into our territory and we are fighting back!

After we rid the house of the pests, we are planning to have our fascia boards and soffits replaced with cement board (hardi-plank) so they can dig through again. We are also placing heavy wire mesh on the backside of our gable end vents. We are going to make it very hard for them to homestead there again. Maybe this will be enough of a deterrent to steer them to another house.

After I get over the hatred for them, I may build a squirrel house up in a tree so they can live there instead.


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I personally feel that typing ASAP in and email appears rude. I feel like I am DEMANDING something as opposed to requesting expediency. I prefer to type it out fully. “As soon as possible”. It’ seems so much more polite! 🙂

Don’t argue with a political affiliate

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One thing I have learned in life is to NOT argue with anyone who affiliates themselves with a political party. Anyone who is close minded enough to say that they are a “Republican” or “Democrat” as opposed to an “individual” can not be swayed by any argument you may present. Even if that argument is completely logical to everyone else. People who affiliate seem to “accept” all beliefs of a political party may not actually believe them but they accept them and vote accordingly. I have a hard time believing that everyone who affiliates with a party, has the very same beliefs, values and views. That would be a huge stretch of the imagination. Yet people give up some of their beliefs and values to side with the party that best matches them. IMO, even 90% of common beliefs isn’t enough for me to side with any one party. I side with my own beliefs. I listen to all sides and make my own decisions on how I feel. Affiliates, seem to squelch their own voice and join in with the voice of their “team”. Once someone gives in and affiliates themselves with a group, they buy into all the arguments and rhetoric that accompanies it. We have 2 major parties in this country and in the realm of people that vote party lines and affiliate themselves with a party, there are only two sides to every argument. 2 sides? That’s not enough to actually have intelligent conversations or debates with. You cannot win those debates. You cannot sway someone away from their party. They will even ignore their own inner voice 1st before conceding a debate against a direction their party goes. Wow!

Funny how you can bring up a topic with people on a one to one basis and hear their beliefs from their heart. As soon as the discussion has political parties brought into it. The discussion gets much more defensive and steers right back inline with the party’s direction. Amazing!

New Country Music

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Wow what a sad state the Country music genre is in. It’s all about money and not about staying true to the roots of the music and culture of the parts of the USA that country music was forged in. People that made country music a genre in the first place, actually “lived” the life that the sing about. That authenticity is what made the music so appealing. Peers could relate and others could simply appreciate the stories and songs. Today, most of the “Country” music stars are not even from the country. I live in Nashville and have met many country music industry writers and performers. Many and I do mean MANY are not from the south, didn’t have a horse or a truck, wasn’t divorced and didn’t lose a job at the mine. They are everyday people from around the states that want to be a famous Country Music artist. So they move to Nashville, adopt a fake accent that sounds like everyone else’s fake accent (yes, most are fake), buy the right clothing and write songs that they think the labels want to hear. They write their clever little plays on words and try to stick every idea they can squeeze into a single song so that something, even if just one part, appeals to anyone. They put so much weight into the clever tag line that they forget to actually write an authentic song. Then to top it all off, the songs get recorded by the very same handful of musicians. So all the music sounds the same. Same guitar licks, same, steel guitar, same vocal harmonies, same everything. The music is so NOT country and it has been this way for so long now that people think Taylor Swift is “Country”! People have forgotten what real country music is. Kenny Chesney is not Country music. Alan Jackson is. Big & Rich was not country music but John Rich is. Real country music is a simple song with a simple melody that means a lot to the writer and performer. What we have now is a pile of crap. I huge collection of songs forced on us by record labels that want to make as much money on an artist as they can as quickly as they can. So they push a hook for a week or two and make a few million. Then the song is long forgotten. They move onto the next flash to try and make money on. What happened to the good songs that stick with us for a lifetime? GONE! I have been listening to Country music my whole life. Now I find myself saying, I don’t like country music. Actually what I should say is that I don’t like the current drivel they label as country music. I still love the real country music. I hope that sometime soon, some people will start writing and performing real country music. Damn the record labels, damn the money and do it for the love!